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What people say …

” Probably one of the best albums of 2020 regardless of whatever genre you would choose to place it in–there is an attention to detail that comes through with each lesson after making an initially strong impression (high-fidelity playback suggested).
Favorite track: Immersion.” 

Bradford, USA


” You honored Tom Jobim with a song “Sunny side” and I will honor you by playing this song in the operture of the Jabuticaba’s Party, event of Sabará Jazz Festival, next saturday in the afternoon. And will hope to receive you here to play your music in the Sabará Jazz Festival in the future, here in Brazil..” 

Leo, Brazil


Croatian artist Fortadelis returns after a long period of silence, and this is for the better: “eScapism” features a matured sound that will make you escape on a journey to the roots of synth-pop and downtempo electronic music.

Jamendo Offical. Luxembourg


You scoop out of a very deep font of ideas, inspirations and expressions. Absolutely outstanding. This album is a masterpiece again … Also I must say that it’s produced absolutly professionall. You really know what you’re doing. This album is a pearl in a mountain of empty, muddy shells on a 100 kilometers long beach.

ULI , Germany


“Analogic” from Fortadelis is a beautiful tribute to the synth-pop era of the 80s, from rough sketches to sweet & complex melodies. If you like Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre or Giorgio Moroder this one will be a must-have for you!

Jamendo Official, Luxembourg


It’s always a pleasure to listen to Fortadelis, the Croatian king of electronic ambiental music! With Stimulus he delivers another masterpiece! Highly original, warm and bright journey into other worlds! Fade and Elevation are really extraordinary!

Sonic Mystery, Slovenia


Buena música para escuchar mientras se lee o se hace oficio, sobre todo en esta cuarentena. Saludos desde Popayán, Colombia.
Good music to listen to while reading or doing craft, especially in this quarantine. Greetings from Popayán, Colombia.

Raul Santiago, Colombia


“I would Ilike to compliment you on the last two releases “Immersion” and “Threshold” which have really impressed me both in sound design and composition … You are really operating at the highest echelon of new instrumental music right now.”

Bradford, USA


“Hey what an amzing Album i really like it. I love the Sound of the Rhodes … each Song is a Diamond well Done” 

Offenbach, Germany

The New Batch

“This album combined with the original on a day/night cycle would make for a great soundtrack for an urban open world game, a’la watchdogs and GTA (Grand Theft Auto). If anyone has the programming skills to help with this, message me. It’d be a great way to get these tracks heard more.”

Jack, USA

Cityscapes Revisited




I’ve been present on the internet music scene since 2007 with 30 albums, 300K downloads and 7M streams,


New Funk-Jazz Groove

Mind Driver

Retro Electronica track with analog synths. #jarre #tangerinedream

The Essence from “Quintessence”

Piano composition from the latest album Quintessence played live on YouTube


Video for the title track from the  “Threshold”  album. #synthwave

Some Might Say

Contemporary nujazz track with bold Moog theme, Fender Rhodes, a flute solo. 70’es jazz & funk fusion.


Album “Artificial” is also avilalbe on YouTube #synthwave


Video for the track “StormWatchers” as a result of collaboration with Perfect Blind.

Empty Streets At 3AM

Urban areas, cityscapes and city ambience has always been a sort of inspiration for me. This song has more than 400K streams alone, one of the most polayed songs.

Remixes Session #2

Result of fruitfull collaboration with Greman producer and owner of Cyan Music Net Label, Marko Rockstoh aka Smooth Genestar.

Jazz Momentum

People just love this track  and played it 422K ti,mes.


A new Hi-Res EP album is out now. Also available on all streaming platforms. 

Solid Void Hi-Res Remaster 96/24

Album has been meticulously remastered in 96 kHz/24 bit High Resolution format for High-End Audiophile listening